Embark on an extraordinary golfing journey through the captivating landscapes of Sri Lanka with Colorful Lanka Tours’ Package 11 – Paradise Golf Tour. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this tropical paradise while indulging in your passion for golf. This meticulously designed tour guarantees an unforgettable experience for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels while ensuring absolute discretion.

Days 10 | Nights 9
Day 01 & 02
Arrival / Colombo (Play Golf at the Royal Colombo Golf Club)
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Prepare to tee off at a prestigious golf club in the center of Colombo when you arrive in Sri Lanka. This historic golf course is the ideal setting for your golfing journey because it is surrounded by lush vegetation and exudes colonial charm. Enjoy the impeccable fairways, challenging holes, and awe-inspiring views as you demonstrate your skills on this prestigious course, creating a truly memorable arrival.

Day 03 & 04
Colombo / Pinnawala / Kandy (Play Golf at the Victoria Golf Club)
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After exploring the vibrant city of Colombo, embark on a picturesque journey to the enchanting city of Kandy, with a captivating stop at the renowned Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. In this cultural hub, you'll have the opportunity to experience golfing excellence at a world-class golf club. Surrounded by majestic mountains and verdant tea plantations, this course offers a seamless blend of natural beauty and challenging terrain, ensuring an unforgettable golfing experience.

Day 05 & 06
Kandy / Nuwara Eliya (Play Golf at the Nuwara Eliya Golf Club)
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Continuing your golfing odyssey, the next destination is the picturesque hill station of Nuwara Eliya. Discover the colonial charm and cool climate of this region as you tee off at a distinguished golf club nestled amidst misty mountains and breathtaking landscapes. A thrilling round of golf is guaranteed at this course thanks to its undulating fairways and panoramic vistas.

Day 06 & 07
Nuwara Eliya / Hambantota (Play Golf at the Shangri La Golf Resort and Spa)
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Leave the hills behind and venture towards the southern coastal town of Hambantota, where luxurious indulgence awaits at an exquisite Golf Resort and Spa. Immerse yourself in the stunning coastal vistas and play golf at their world-class course. With its picturesque seaside setting and meticulously crafted layout, this golfing paradise offers an incredible blend of relaxation and sporting challenge, ensuring you leave with unforgettable memories.

Day 08 & 09
Hambantota / Galle / Bentota (Galle Fort Visit, Madhu River Boat Ride, Turtle Hatchery)
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As your golfing adventure draws to a close, the tour takes you to the charming town of Galle. Explore the captivating Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and delve into its rich cultural heritage. Cruise along the serene Madhu River, embracing the tranquil surroundings and encountering vibrant wildlife. Finally, visit a turtle hatchery, where you can observe these magnificent creatures up close. The tour concludes in Bentota, allowing you to unwind on pristine beaches and reflect upon the incredible experiences of your journey.

Day 10
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After an exceptional golfing expedition through Sri Lanka's diverse landscapes, it's time to bid farewell to this paradise island. Depart with cherished memories of challenging fairways, breathtaking vistas, cultural encounters, and the exceptional service provided by Colorful Lanka Tours. While your golfing journey may come to an end, the spirit of adventure and the allure of Sri Lanka will linger on, beckoning you to return for more unforgettable experiences in the future.