Discover the breathtaking beauty of Sri Lanka with Colorful Lanka Tours. Our travel agency specializes in creating unforgettable experiences in this enchanting island paradise. From pristine beaches to thrilling safaris and cities rich with culture, Sri Lanka offers a diverse range of attractions for every traveler. Explore the most exciting destinations the country has to offer:

Picture yourself lounging on palm-fringed beaches, engaging in thrilling water sports, and witnessing breathtaking sunsets. With Colorful Lanka Tours, your beach getaway dreams are about to become a reality.
Arugam Bay
For wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, Sri Lanka's safari destinations offer unparalleled adventures. With Colorful Lanka Tours, you can explore the stunning national parks and reserves that are home to an incredible array of wildlife. From the majestic elephants of Minneriya National Park to the elusive leopards of Yala National Park, prepare to be captivated by the diversity and beauty of Sri Lanka's wildlife. Our knowledgeable guides will ensure you have a thrilling and unforgettable safari experience.
Udawalawe National Park
Sinharaja National Park
Yala National Park
Wasgamuwa National Park
Minneriya National Park
Kumana National Park
With a written history of over 2500 years of literature, spirituality, art, carvings, sculpture, healing therapy, civil & hydraulic engineering works still well preserved, Sri Lanka has a vast array of physical evidence of a rich tradition & culture.

Some of these sites have been found to be so unique that international bodies such as the departments of Art & Culture of Ivy League Universities of the west & the UNESCO have intervened in order to protect them as World Heritage Sites.

The following are some of the most alluring sites that we have hand picked for you to explore on a tour of the magical Island with us.
Gifted with a valuable set of Mountain Ranges in the central regions of the most beautifully shaped Island on the planet, enables the discerning visitor to take panoramic views at awesome terrain & landscapes of numerous regions from atop numerous viewpoints. These Central highlands– a UNESCO World Heritage Site enable the traveler to enjoy seeing & capturing these breathtaking views of uncanny valleys, gaps, plantations, settlements & mountain ranges & feel the cool temperate climate far from the coasts. The high altitude enables one to gather an exceptional breath of fresh healthy oxygen from the crisp air & the collection of precipitation on the hills facilitates to distribute water to numerous rivers, creeks, brooks, streams and other waterways with the essential water.
This water trickles down to the vegetation and the creatures which depend upon it in the diverse ecosystem of the Island of 25,000 square miles of rolling hills, plantations, settlements and National Parks.
Adam’s Peak
Nuwara Eliya